Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone who has contacted the site in the last 10 years. Your feedback, ideas and questions are always welcome. These are some of the most frequently asked questions, but if yours isn’t covered here, get in touch.
Brian Boyd


Grammarman: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more Grammarman comics?

The first 50 Grammarman comics are available in the Grammarman shop. Additionally, Grammarman appears regularly in magazines and newspapers in various countries. If Grammarman isn’t available where you live, why not email the editor of your local newspaper or magazine and suggest they include the comic. You can include a link to this site.

How did Grammarman comic get started?

I was chatting to my friend, Thom Kiddle, about comics. Lots of our teen students loved reading comics at that time, so I wanted to make a comic that would bring a fun element to studying English – a comic that would also be a puzzle. It could have a different learning focus with each new story. I originally said the name Grammarman as a joke, but Thom liked it and encouraged me to draw some sample stories to send to publishers.

How do you make the comics?

I start with a first draft of the story, drawn in an hour or less on A4 scrap paper. Then I draw the comic with a pale blue pencil on A3 paper. When I’m Grammarman: Frequently Asked Questionshappy with the art, I ink it with a black pen (Pilot V5 hi-techpoint 0.5). I scan the inked art into the computer, where I tidy it up and add colour, shading, text, panel borders and the title.

How long does it take to make one episode of Grammarman?

I have to work on Grammarman when I get free time, which isn’t often. From the first draft to the finished episode, it usually takes six or seven days, and that could be anything from two to five hours per day.

Can I use Grammarman comic?

It depends what it’s for. In the past, I’ve given permission for Grammarman to appear for free in school magazines and newspapers, and also on various websites. If you’d like to use Grammarman, contact the site.

Grammarman: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your ideas from?

All kinds of places; my imagination is fueled by comics, movies, video games and books. I love stories in all their forms. A lot of people have contacted me with their own suggestions for Grammarman stories. At times, I have half a good idea and send it to Thom. He can usually add his own ideas and advice so we end up with a finished story.

How many episodes of Grammarman are there?

There are more than 100 finished episodes in the regular series, and between ten and twenty one-off special Grammarman stories. Added to that, my ‘ideas pile’ has enough material for at least another thirty or forty episodes. The ideas pile is a stack of A4 rough paper full of sketches and notes. I add to it whenever a new idea for a story, character or puzzle pops into my head.

Do you still teach?

Yes. I teach kids, teens and adults in Bangkok, Thailand.

Grammarman: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Grammarman continue?

I’ll keep making Grammarman for as long as people enjoy visiting the site and reading the comics.

Grammarman: Frequently Asked Questions