Idiom 1

Take the bull by the horns

Take the bull by the horns

Nadine knows what she wants. She knows how to get it, and she’s not afraid to go after it. We know this because one of the cows on the dance floor says so. Nadine is attracted to the bull sitting by the horn section of the band. He looks nervous, but Nadine is determined to dance with him. The idiomatic meaning of ‘take the bull by the horns’ is to tackle a difficult problem without fear.

Here’s an example conversation: 

I hope I get a pay rise soon.
Have you asked for one?
No, but maybe the boss has noticed my hard work.
Why don’t you just go ahead and ask?
I’m nervous. What if he says no.
If you don’t ask, you could be waiting forever!
Really? Do you think I should?
Sure. You’ve got to take the bull by the horns.

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