Idiom 6

Out of the loop

out of the loopThere are two kinds of loop operating here. The one we can see being tested today is a high voltage electricity conductor. The other loop is the memo of information that was passed around earlier.
A tester needs to wear rubber boots to avoid electrocution. Dr. Madison did not get the memo and was out of that loop – the information loop. Unfortunately, since Dr. Madison didn’t wear the required rubber boots, he is now out of the electrical loop as well! If you are out of the loop, you don’t have the special information, knowledge or power that is shared by a particular group of people.
Look at this example conversation: Can you give this report to Pat?
Pat who?
Pat who sits next to you!
He doesn’t work in reception now.
Oh really?
He moved to sales weeks ago.
Nobody told me! I guess I’m out of the loop.
I’m sure an email was sent round about that.

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