Idiom 7

Sweeten the deal

sweeten the dealFirst of all, these bears are lawyers. Bill is being offered a job at the firm, as a partner. Mr. Kodiak wants to ensure he will accept, so instead of offering him money, he offers some honey, which, of course, bears love more than anything else. The idiomatic meaning of ‘sweeten the deal’ is to add something attractive to a transaction or offer to make it more appealing. In this case, Kodiak is literally sweetening the deal by adding an offer of unlimited honey!

Here’s an example conversation using this idiom:

She’s a great teacher.
Do you think she’ll come and work for us?
I’m not sure. Other schools have offered her work too.
Why don’t we sweeten the deal?
Do you mean offer her a higher salary?
No, I was thinking of offering free accommodation.
Oh, good idea.
She’ll say yes for sure!

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