The Moon

1. Our Moon is spelled with a capital ‘M’. Other moons are given a lower case ‘m’ to show the difference.

2. The volume of the Moon is more or less the same as the volume of the Pacific Ocean.

3. The Moon is very slowly moving away from the Earth. In early history, the Moon looked about three times bigger in the sky, because it was closer to the Earth.

4. Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, who trained American astronauts, is the only man to visit the Moon and stay there. After he died, his ashes were put on board the Lunar Prospector spacecraft, which was crashed onto the Moon in July, 1999.

5. Moon was the maiden name of Buzz Aldrin’s mother. Buzz was the second man on the Moon.

6. In China, the dark shadows on the Moon’s surface aren’t called ’The Man in the Moon’. They’re called ’The Toad in the Moon’.

7. Michael Jackson’s signature ’ moonwalk’ is the most recognized dance in the world.

8. America is part of the ’Outer Space Treaty’, which forbids the use of nuclear weapons on the Moon.

9. The last time man walked on the Moon was in 1972. The next moonwalk is scheduled for 2019.

10. 27% of Americans believe that the Moon landings were a hoax and man has never walked on the Moon.

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