1. Spiders have existed for at least 350,000 years. There are approximately 37,000 species of spiders in the world.

2. Studies have shown that you’re never more than ten feet away from a spider, and one estimate puts you as close as three feet.

3. The largest spider is the Goliath Birdeater. It lives in the rain forests of South America and has a leg span of up to a 30 cm.

4. Some male spiders pluck their cobwebs like a guitar, to attract female spiders.

5. Females of some species of spiders, such as the Australian crab spider, sacrifice their bodies as food for their offspring.

6. America’s one dollar bill has a hidden spider. Look for it in the top-right corner on the front of the bill.

7. The weight of insects eaten by spiders every year is greater than the total weight of the entire human population.

8. A tarantula‘s bite can be painful, but it isn’t any more dangerous than a bee sting.

9. Little Miss Muffet of the nursery rhyme was a real girl. She was the daughter of Dr Mouffet who believed spiders had healing powers when eaten.

10. Spiders have 48 ‘knees’… eight legs with six joints on each.

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