1. Superman was originally conceived as a bald villain with the power to control people’s minds.

2. Many people believe the role of Superman is cursed, and bad luck will befall any actor who plays the character.

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3. Famous Superman fans, Jon Bon Jovi and Shaquille O’ Neal, both have tattoos of Superman’s famous ‘S’ symbol.

4. Superman’s dog is called Krypto. When he’s not fighting crime, Krypto has his own secret identity. He goes by the name of Skip.Superman

5. Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent hasn’t always worked for the Daily Planet newpaper. He originally worked for the Daily Star.

6. Superman can be seen somewhere in every episode of the television show, Seinfeld.

7. A street in Fullerton, California, shares its name with Superman’s girlfriend – Lois Lane.

8. Superman once travelled back in time and met the famous English playwright, William Shakespeare.

9. The Metropolis skyline was originally based on the Canadian city of Toronto.

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10. The actor, Nicolas Cage, named his son Kal-el, which is Superman’s birth name.

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